CCTV for the Isle of Man

A CCTV security system can bring several benefits, some obvious but others less so:

Enhanced deterrent – the majority of potential thieves or burglars see CCTV as a deterrent to be avoided, preferring instead the easier choice of unprotected homes or businesses. This is arguably an even stronger incentive within smaller communities like the Isle of Man where offenders can often be more easily recognised and identified thereby also increasing detection significantly.

Retail theft – poor security attracts shop lifters. The risk of their activities being caught on camera is often enough to move them on to easier pickings.

Protection against fraudulent claims – businesses these days are often the victim of false or unscrupulous damages claims and CCTV can be the ideal way to provide valuable defence evidence.

Staff protection – CCTV helps to focus staff attention on compliance with health and safety rules and regulations as well as providing protection in the prevention of assault or claims of misconduct.

Eye-Spy Security, through our association with the leading manufacturers and suppliers of CCTV technology, can provide advice on all aspects of CCTV systems.